Stories of Hope - Imange

We met Imange in 2013 when he was just two years old.

He was born with a mass of intestines and malformed organs outside his body. He also had no sexual organs, Spina Bifida, one kidney, displaced hips and club feet.

When he was born, his Mom was told to take him home as nothing could be done for him. She looked after him for two years with these conditions until we saw his story in a local newspaper and intervened. Since then he has had numerous operations and procedures. His kidney is sadly deteriorating and he receives constant care for this. We have ensured that he received leg splints and therapy and he is able to walk with the aid of a walker. He is a happy child who enjoys school.

His renal care is given pro bono at a children’s hospital but his monthly needs are great. On a monthly basis we provide nappies and colostomy bags. He also takes a nutritional supplement to ensure that we keep him as healthy as possible.

Imange’s monthly need’s list

2 Pkts (44) Size 6 Pampers
R 500.00
20 Convatec Illeiodress Colostomy Bags
R 920.00
2 Tins Pediasure (Chocolate)
R 430.00

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