What we do

Families with children in need reach out to The Marian Rose Foundation through the Stories of Hope on social media, or are referred by people familiar with the work of The Foundation.

Each application is dealt with on a case by case basis. A request is required in writing with a full medical history including doctor’s reports, test results and x-rays (where relevant). Contact is made with the relevant doctors and utilising the well established Foundation Network, suitable care is sought. Where a child is unable to be assisted in a private facility, a state doctor is referred. The Foundation always strives to assist, where a case falls out of the scope of the Foundation, the child is referred to a suitable organisation that will be able to provide care.

The number of cases that The Marian Rose Foundation is able to accept depends on funding. Please consider assisting with the donation of an item to make a Marian Rose child’s life a little easier (please add link to Sponsor Now), visit the Shop and buy a Marian Rose product (please add a link to Shop Now), add The Marian Rose Foundation as a MySchool Card Beneficiary or sign up for a monthly debit order

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