Where we started

The Marian Rose Foundation is built on a legacy of living.

Kathleen Marian Rose was an organ and tissue donor. When she passed away in 2001, she impacted the lives of 20 people through her organ and tissue donations. Inspired by her mother’s selfless act, Kay Ross – Founding Director – launched the Marian Rose Foundation in 2012 in honour of her late mother. Kay’s daughter Kelli Ross, “My mom has always said that if her mom could help 20 people when she was no longer with us, then she could do so much more while still alive.”

The Marian Rose Foundation works to assist children receive the medical care that they deserve. Kay Ross has dedicated her life to helping children in need receive specialised medical care.

The Marian Rose Foundation has created a community of care. Adopting the Star Fish philosophy – one step towards changing someone’s world, Kay and the Board work to assist as many children as possible with the objective of working to grow each child into a healthy adult. Having established a network of specialists and therapists, each of The Marian Rose Children is supported both pre op and post op. The commitment to children is long term and does not cease once life changing medical interventions have taken place.

Each of The Marian Rose Children is a Story of Hope, to read about these courageous children and to follow their journey, please click here

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